Coming Spring 2022

A new book on creativity, community, and making things happen!

A book cover: The Creative Instigator's Handbook: A DIY Guide to Making Social Change Through Art. The book has four photos: One of a aluminum bison on a bike trailer, a photo of two women stitching a quilt, a three story house painted with polka dots and a photo of a woman and a little girl drawing on a chalkboard. Two illustrated drawings are on the side of the cover, they look animated. One holds papers and yells through a megaphone, the other stretches a ball of wool between two hands.

I am so excited that I have a new book to share with you! Available for pre-order now, the Creative Instigator’s Handbook is your guide to ambitious, creative projects!

Whether you paint, sew, sing, build, weld, or rhyme, the book explores how to take that big project you’ve been dreaming about and actually make it happen. 

In response to the challenging times that we live in, I hope that this book will inspire readers to use their creativity to spur change in the world around them. Guiding readers through the various aspects of a project from ideation to final documentation, the book examines the relationship between creative leadership, community art projects, and social justice, and includes the perspectives of 23 creative instigators who have stretched the boundaries of what “art” should or shouldn’t do.

To be published by Arsenal Pulp Press, 2022.

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