Silvie Kilgallon’s Stitched Illiad

Now THIS is a feat.

Classics student and artist Silvie Kilgallon is attempting to stitch all twenty-four books of Homer’s Illiad.

She’s chronicling her daily process here:

Silvie has published a wonderful artist statement about her work, including this statement on how a great classic work can translate to the act of stitching:

“Here, I attempt to take on the role of translator to reveal the depth and beauty of this text to those who do not understand the language or the culture. Each letter of the ancient Greek alphabet has been assigned a corresponding colour in embroidery threads. Using the text as a pattern my aim is to stitch out all twenty-four books of the Iliad with a single stitch representing a single letter in the text-pattern. With each passing book one of the red colours will be substituted instead for a blue thread. What letters these red and blue threads represent will be consisted over the course of the work. Hopefully when it is finally complete, it will be a work of spectacle, aesthetic beauty and complexity worthy of the title of epic.”


The Stitched Illiad

This image is of the first book, taken from Silvie’s blog. 


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