New Writing: Zero-Gravity Games

Last winter, when North America seemed to be a more accessible, science-focused place, I was able to pick up the phone and chat with scientists from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and CSA (Canadian Space Agency) on their medical research on the International Space Station. The results of these conversations, along with some interviews with game system designers, was this new article on the importance on play in space for Works That Work magazine: https://worksthatwork.com/9/zero-gravity-games-how-astronauts-play-in-space

Each of the scientists that I spoke with stressed that the ability to look out the window and see the round orb of our earth; it helps astronauts keep a healthy perspective of always having the world as a touch-point so that they don’t feel adrift in the universe.

No matter how far they go, astronauts need to maintain a healthy attachment to the earth.  It is essential to their mental health to know that know that they can call their loved ones anytime, and that they have time to rest. Astronauts always get the weekends off to relax and regroup.

Good advice for astronauts, and for the rest of us.


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