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Strange Material has a cover!

A month ago, I debuted a cover design for my forthcoming book Strange Material: Storytelling Through Textiles on my Facebook page. Here’s what it looked like:


The rejected cover…so close, but it didn’t stick.

My publisher, the book designer, and I thought we were ready to go (they even put up an Amazon sales page with cover #1) but then feedback came in from the books sales representatives that they thought the cover was “too academic” and we abruptly changed course.

While I really liked the old cover, which featured the work of a number of artists who are featured in the book, the new cover is stunning. It features “I wish I were with you” a piece by the UK based artist Rosalind Wyatt, which is stitched with a letter that Winston Churchill wrote to his mother when he was a teenager. Rosalind replicates the young Churchill’s handwriting with her stitching, and the bodice is stained with ink blots and mis-starts, much like the original letter.

What do you think? Which cover would make you inclined to pick this book off of the shelf?

There have been a lot of exciting developments in planning the book tour for Strange Material. This October, I’ll be on the road with authors Betsy Greer and Kim Werker on a EIGHT city tour across the US and Canada. Look for us in Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Philly, Boston, and DC! I’ll be publishing the full schedule of events in the next few weeks as all venues are confirmed.

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