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Jealousy, Curation, and Fear

Tonight I had the pleasure of going to see a talk by Danielle Krysa, aka the Jealous Curator, who has recently published a book for blocked creatives, aptly titled The Creative Block.

I’ve never met Danielle, but I’ve enjoyed her blog throughout the years. I even included it as a recommended creative resource in my last book Hoopla, unaware that we were living in the same city. Through her website The Jealous Curator, Danielle sifts through the murky content of the internet, and her blog displays a wealth of art and design discoveries. I’ve often been jealous of the jealous curator – why didn’t I find that amazing thing first?

One of the highlights of Danielle’s talk was that she finds great reward in using the internet to provide others with opportunity. A simple mention of a work from the Jealous Curator can result in a significant career boost for the artist – connecting them with galleries, curators, and licensing opportunities. This is an enviable position to be in as a curator of visual culture, and one that I would imagine holds great responsibility.

Creative Block cover - Jealous Curator

Danielle was inspired to write her book on creative blocks when she discovered that artists of all levels of experience suffer from having ‘internal critics’, those internal voices that discourage one from expressing oneself fully. And, despite her status as an online curator who is venturing into book writing and gallery curation, she spoke candidly about fear and the worry about being perceived as an imposter. She encouraged the audience to think of these anxieties can become more than something that holds us back, but rather, universal merit badges; badges that make us all belong to a larger club of people who may ‘feel all the feels’ of anxiety and being stuck, but choose to go ahead and make their work anyways.

I think it’s a nice sentiment – and one that I’ll try to remember the next time I encounter a creative slump.

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