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Choose Your Own Adventure: The Active Fiction Project

Image from The Active Fiction Project

The Active Fiction Project brings active narratives into city streets. Very short stories are written by local authors about specific city streets so that the public can experience their narratives on the very city blocks where the stories take place.

Begun by a group of local residents living in the Riley Park area of Vancouver (Main and 24th) with writer Nicole Boyce at the beginning of May, the Active Fiction Project will continue throughout the summer with a variety of writers contributing stories that will allow participants to ‘choose their own adventure’ (a style of beloved tween novels from the 1980’s, I’ll admit that I had more than a few) with details left on bulletin boards and lamp-posts.

More walks created by writers will be announced later this year, but in the meantime, you direct a self-guided tour of the first Active Fiction Walk by following instructions left at the community bulletin board on East 24th between Main Street and Ontario Street.

Active Fiction Project Map

I’m planning to take my own self-directed walk this weekend, and I’d love to compare notes with fellow ‘readers’. Learn more about the Active Fiction project via their website at

Don’t live in Vancouver, but know of a story project in your city? Please tell me about it in the comments, I’d love to hear about it.

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