Spidertag at 5 Pointz Long Island

Not another nail in the wall (of fame) / New York 2013 – Spidertag

“If I like it, it feels like magic. I jump for joy. And if I don’t like it, I forget about it.”

Every couple of months, I’m dazzled by a new video by Madrid-based artist/sculptor Spidertag. If I’m not enthralled by him jazzing up old cabins in the European countryside, he’s causing geometric distractions on the mean streets of NYC.

Watch Spidertag in action at 5 Pointz here: http://pdl.vimeocdn.com/16043/042/177888705.mp4?token=1375857752_1e465bca64619ef16bee0865836e38aa

Read an interview with Spidertag on his work with the mammoth graffiti site StreetArtNYC: http://streetartnyc.org/blog/2013/07/18/speaking-with-spidertag/

“These days nails have a hold on me”