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A Traveller & A Tourist

“Do you want to know what the difference is between a traveller and a tourist?”  asked the guy working behind the counter at Zabar’s, the famous deli on New York City’s Upper West Side.

I  stopped taking pictures of their enormous cheese counter to nod at him.

“The difference,” he said, “is that a tourist doesn’t know where they are, and a traveller doesn’t know where they are going.”

In the past four months I have wondered if I have been coming or going. Most moments I feel like a traveller, occasionally I feel like a tourist.

Pussy Riot billboard

Pussy Riot Billboard in Times Square, June 2013

Since April, I’ve moved apartments; supported the marketing on two arts festival and one charity fundraiser (at my day job); visited New Orleans (pure vacation); hosted a city stop of a women’s literary tour; attended a social media conference in Victoria; continued to work on my new book (sometimes it feels like vacation); took a writing course in New York City for two weeks where I interviewed taxi cab drivers, museum curators, and fashion designers (epic and blissful); and now, now I’m sitting in my friend’s kitchen in Toronto where I’ve finished three days of research at the Textile Museum of Canada while squeezing in some visits with some very dear friends. Whew. As one of my friends likes to say, ‘I’m not busy, I’m managing my abundance’.


View from the Highline, NYC June 2013

It has been thrilling, it has been tiring, it has been inspiring, and while I don’t know what will happen next, but I am so excited to spend the rest of my summer writing Strange Material. I don’t know where the manuscript will take me, but I’m up for a very interesting ride.

Other stuff:

Book news: The DIY projects have been selected for Strange Material and I’m just beginning to work with project designers. I am seeking to connect with artists who do political work with textiles (particularly manifestos and political banners) or those work with poetry and textiles, who live outside of North America. If you know someone, please leave a comment here, tweet at me, or introduce them to me at INFO at Leanne Prain DOT com.

Blog news: In lieu of writing longer posts right now, I’m going to join in on the fringes of Susannah Conway’s August Break. The idea is to post a photo every day throughout the month of August. While most of my words will be going into my manuscript and I won’t likely to be able to commit daily as she asks, I think I can manage to post a couple of images here.

Writing news: I’m so pleased to be have an essay in Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism, a book that will be coming out in Spring 2013 by Betsy Greer.

Unrelated to anything in this blog post but still important – a random selection of current internet inspirations: Hot Art, Wet City, Forty Days of Dating, Object LessonsThe Coney Island History Project, Strategies for Raising $29,000 for Charity, and How To Make A Wire Wrapped Word.

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