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Addie Sinclair: Vortex of Doom

Collected iphone pictures from a weekend in Winnipeg. Bottom right hand corner picture by Diane Farnsworth.

I was thrilled to be part of my friend Kim Clarke’s book launch at McNally Robinson Winnipeg last weekend.  Addie Sinclaire: Vortex of Doom is the second in a series of books that Kim has written for young adults. I feel so fortunate to have known Kim as she wrote both this book, and the first in the series Cul de Sac Moon. We have been in writers’ groups together  for over ten years. Many of the locations mentioned in the books are in Winnipeg (such as the Star Grille), so we spent some time visiting ‘literary’ haunts.

Over the time that I’ve known Kim, I’ve read many drafts of her two books. Characters have developed, the situations have changed, papers have been marked up, paragraphs have been tossed aside. In the process of writing these two books, Kim has invented and eliminated parts of her protagonist’s world time and time again. She’s gotten feedback from her high school students, her writing friends, and school counselors who are familiar with some of the themes in the book about substance abuse; all the while sticking to her vision of a story that is quirky, intelligent, and fun.

In addition to being an author, Kim has fearlessly stepped into the world of self-publishing by publishing the series under her own moniker Pink Wig Publishing. Coming from a traditional publishing background myself, I’ve watched her with great interest and I have to say, Kim has flawlessly navigated the pressures of being her own publisher.

Kim does something that so many self-publishing authors do not do – she relies on the help of other people to help her execute her vision. Professional editors and designers worked on both books, a printer and distributor supplied both hardcopy and ebooks, and Kim organizes her book launches with one of the best bookstores in the country. When it came to the launch, Kim arrived with printed signs, catering, and thoughtful giveaways that were wrapped to match the book cover. Instead of being an author trying to stand out within a publisher’s stable of authors, Kim is a one woman business whose books and marketing flawlessly come together as one package under her support. She is committed to doing things right and I’ve never seen her cut corners. If this is the future of self-publishing, I’m very hopeful for the state of writing and author entrepreneurship.

I am so very proud of my friend, and I expect great things for the future from Addie Sinclair: Vortex of Doom and the rest of the books that will come in the series.



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