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The Lady Who Gets the Word Out

Isn’t she cute? Cynara and her cat Autumn.

A few months ago, I wrote a little post on my experience of being a published craft book author. But, an author’s perspective is only one side of the story – there are many, many others involved in the process of creating a book: my editor, my publisher, the printer, the production person, the book designer, the photographer, the contributors, the distributor, the booksellers, and of course, the marketer – mine being the promotional wunderkind Cynara Geissler.

Cynara was recently interviewed about her job and all of the amazing things she does for my books over at Craft Buds (who are declaring September as Craft Book Month – Huzzah!). Read her interview here and learn about all of the many things that she does for me:

Like most people who work in publishing, Cynara has a number of creative talents. In addition to being a snappy dresser (think leopard print nails, rainbow hair, arm parties of bangles), she is a published writer – get her book of poetry Small Stunted Ways over at HUR Publishing. Cynara also publishes the smart pop culture/media podcast Fatties On Ice. She’s one busy bee and I’m glad that I’ve got her in my corner.

The Cover of Small Stunted Ways

Speaking of promotion: I’ll be at the Kamloops Art Gallery this weekend giving a talk on Yarn Bombing and teaching an easy yarn-related craft (no need to know how to knit or crochet to join in). The talk will be on September 29th from 1-3 pm. If you live in the Kamloops area, come out and say hi! I’d love to meet you and hear about your experiences with knit graffiti. More details at

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